Web Hosting Mysql Backup

There are many web hosting server providers at nowadays. This is an advantage for us because we can find the great deal while they are going to get competition to catch web owners to use their service.

You should know some things that the existence of them is very important. They are database and html server. That is depend on what operating system you use but if you use linux operating system then the version of Apache is one thing you should be concern. The other things are mysql and php version. Ensure your webhosting gets the latest version of all softwares installed.

You should back up your database regularly, it prevents from data loss. If your webhosting server has cpanel web hosting control panel then it is easy to back up the database but if your web hosting has no that then you should do that manually from ssh connection using mysqldump command.

So if you want to buy web hosting , vps server or even dedicated hosting server the I suggest you to buy that has cpanel so you can back up your files and databases easier