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Ini Alasan dr Helmi Serahkan Diri ke Polisi Usai Tembak Istri

Jakarta – dr Ryan Helmi langsung menyerahkan diri ke Polda Metro Jaya usai menembak istrinya, dr Letty Sultri, di Klinik Azzahra Medical Center, Cawang, Jakarta Timur. Apa alasannya menyerahkan diri?

“Takut dikeroyok keluarga istrinya,” kata Kasubdit Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Hendy F Kurniawan kepada detikcom, Minggu (12/11/2017).
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Rumah tangga Helmi dan Letty memang sudah tidak harmonis. Rumah tangganya yang sudah berjalan 5 tahun itu kerap diwarnai percekcokan dan kekerasan dalam rumah tangga (KDRT).

KDRT menjadi salah satu alasan Letty menggugat cerai suaminya di Pengadilan Agama Jakarta Timur. Letty juga pernah melaporkan kekerasan sang suami ke Polres Jakarta Timur.

Varieties of Custom Car Covers

In order to secure your car from the things and also of getting accidentally scratched then you really need to purchase a custom cover . The common car covers or even the items that claim “a single size will fit all” will not likely provide you with the safety such as one which is created specifically to fit your brand name of car. The custom covers can be exclusively customized towards the outlines of your car. It will have planted in mirror pockets and also grommet holes available for antennas. Poor quality common covers tend to be baggy and will move and slip alongside the paint surface. The custom car covers will certainly adapt to the vehicle’s body guaranteeing a cushty match. That is why you need a custom car cover .

custom cover cars

If you are searching on an outdoor car cover you need one that will be water-resistant and created of allow air through materials and it has UV protection. Breathable elements permit air to flow that avoids humidity increase. The UV protection allows you stop a lot of the sun’s damaging rays that will change the paint job.

There are numerous varieties of car covers to select from then when and exactly how you want to utilize the cover determines what depth and kind you will require. If you park the car outdoors and also cover it each day you may need to pick a light-weight outdoor cover that’s easy and simple to flip. The lightest covers can collapse to about the dimensions of the football and will simply be kept in the trunk area or even back seats.

Best Engagement Ring Models for Brides and Grooms

There are a lot of engagement rings available on the market. However, perhaps you as the bride and groom have not found good model of engagement rings for you.

engagement rings

Here are some steps you can take to bring you the best engagement rings.

For the first step please visit some local jewelry stores, try to ask if they allow orders to make custom engagement ring. Generally, a jeweler will receive orders to make engagement ring with your own model. Do not forget to ask if they require an additional fee for that service, usually they will not ask for costs, the price will be calculated based on the material used as a ring in their shop.

The second step. Internet is the best source for solutions. Do a little research to gather a variety of image models of engagement ring. From the various models that you get you can choose the best model by you or combination of several models of the engagement ring.

The third step. Bring a picture example of an engagement ring that you like, that you get from the internet, to a jeweler to create an engagement ring for you.

Tips on Casket Buying

Certainly important to honor your beloved and actually become peaceful along with your goes, it is merely as essential to choose a good casket which is you can pay for. Typically, the loss of a beloved friend can also be loss of an extra household revenue. Ahead of buying caskets, there are certain things you should know. Primary, caskets are definitely not returnable. This could sound clear, even though circumstances modify and although anyone passed away, a certain casket most likely aren’t essential. However, caskets could be leased. This generally occurs when the decedent will likely be cremated following a obituary service and also seeing.


Understand the legal rights. Funeral parlor are going to have a propensity to help you to select one of many caskets you can buy, nevertheless you need to find out this is not the only alternative. It is simple to select and get a casket from the non-public provider and possess the funeral home employ it. Look at guidelines in your town initially, though, keeping track of cheap caskets.